“Dying”: the great Food Coloring experiment

April 13, 2010 at 11:49 pm (knitting, yarn)

I’ve had three skeins of pastel blue sock yarn in my stash for as long as I’ve known about sock yarn (okay, that’s less than a year, but it still feels like a long time). I bought it because it was on sale, and the color was beautiful, and I really wanted some pretty, cheap sock yarn.

Weird as this looks, how else was I going to get three hanks dry?

Problem: I hate pastel colors. When I first got it, I started a pair of socks with it–that’s what you do with sock yarn–but was convinced I would never, ever wear those socks. I put the project in my WIP bin and never went back to it.

Solution: The other week, I wandered onto the tutorial page at knitty.com and became particularly fascinated with the dying section. My one dilemma was that I didn’t think I had yarn I could dye. Oh, wait, I did! I didn’t want to dish out cash for an acid dye, and I didn’t want my yarn to smell fruity because I dyed it with Kool Aid, so I went with food coloring.

Problem: I tried to dye all three skeins at once in a somewhat small bowl. I also used way too much dye in the first batch.

Good news: because there was so much yarn in the way, the dye only set in the section on top.

Bad news: I had to dye it again twice (this time with lighter colors) until I was happy. Thankfully, none of my roommates wanted the microwave!

A mandatory artsy picture of the yarn

In the end, I decided I was pretty darn happy with my yarn. It’s not the best dye job in the world–I think I need to wash it one more time before I make something out of it so that the color doesn’t bleed–but I think it turned out well, all things considered.

Two questions:

1) Any requests/ideas for my next dyeing project? I’d like to get some use out of the supplies I just invested in. Some dyers go for characters or settings, while others just mix colors, and I don’t know where to start!


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Confessions of an April Fool

April 1, 2010 at 11:54 am (Uncategorized)

I’m sure that, in the history of April Fool’s Day, tons of pranks have backfired. If you try to do something big, you risk having it blow up in your face.

But has anyone ever unwittingly pranked themselves?

Last night at YPublish, I realized that I hadn’t submitted anything to my fiction workshop today. Not only had I not submitted anything, I hadn’t written anything. I’d been revising Countdown for a full-novel workshop with my friends and decided I had a solution: I could send the first chapter of Countdown to my workshop and have a last set of eyes examine it. Brilliant!

Or so I thought.

Until I woke up today and found out that I had sent chapter two. And not just chapter two, a chapter two of a very old draft. A chapter two that I’d cut.

Despite that, I had an incredible workshop. It was interesting to hear what my peers thought of the world, from structure to characters. All in all, it wasn’t useless.

But I still feel like an April fool.

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