Ascension from Madness

May 31, 2010 at 4:39 pm (Uncategorized)

(Yes, I know the term is usually “descent into madness,” but as I completed my descent and am on my way back up, I feel that this title is far more appropriate.)

In the month since I last blogged, I’ve hit a number of milestones. Some of them were knitting-related: I knitted 2 shawls and a scarf for my grandmothers and mother for Mother’s Day; I knitted a scarf and some gloves (the latter of which I designed) for John’s birthday; and, despite all odds, I completed all 6 classes for’s HPKCHC! (If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay. I’ll blog about it if you’d like, but you ask at your own peril! 🙂 ).

However, the biggest milestone has been starting a new job. I’m a month into my internship at LDS church magazines, where I work for the Friend. I thoroughly enjoy it and am a little sad that it’s a quarter of the way over. So far, it has taught me several important things:

  • Never give up on your own voice.
    I spent the first two weeks at work trying to write according to the magazine’s style. One story in particular went through four revisions and still sounded terrible. (Luckily, my boss is patient with me.) I finally took the gloves off and wrote it how I wanted to write it. Little did I know that the story also wanted to be written that way, and now I’m actually proud of the piece.
  • Query letters matter.
    I used to hate query letters. As a writer, I loathed the idea of making myself bare on a page that someone else might never read. As an editor, I not only read query letters, I love them. The reasoning behind this might not apply to all publishing houses, but here it is: the Friend is very selective about its content. (Obviously, if you’ve ever read it.) Many of the writers who send in query letters do so in order to show that they know how to act in the market.
    Many of them, however, also show that they completely failed to read the submission guidelines. Many others prove that they haven’t done research because “send” their letters to editors who no longer work here.
    I used to think query letters were a little deal because editors only gave them a 5-second look-over. I realize now that those 5 seconds can be utterly fatal if used wrong.
  • Soft-serve frozen yogurt is *divine~*, unless it’s artificially fruit-flavored. Blech.
    Give me the chocolate stuff, though, and I’m perfectly happy!

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  1. Toni said,

    Divine frozen yogurt. Nummy!

    Okay, I’m going to ask: what is HPKCHC?

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