‘Tis the Season?

November 8, 2010 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Usually I’m opposed to starting the Christmas season early. As much as I love Christmas, seeing reindeer decorations and strands of plastic lights sandwiched in with the Halloween candy at the grocery store last month meant too much too early.

However, instead of sit here and rant, I’d like to propose a list of the things that are Christmas-related-but-appropriate-to-do-before-Thanksgiving.

  1. Start learning music for Christmas performances.
    No, this does NOT mean you should pull out your Christmas CDs or blast your holiday playlist, but feel free to practice a tricky accompaniment or start planning for a Christmas program.
  2. Help with handmade Christmas presents.
    2a. Craft something for a person you love. I am a huge fan of giving people handknit stuff as gifts. Running to the store and picking something up is all well and good, but a knitted gift says “I love you enough to put time and effort into you.”
    2b. Facilitate someone’s crafting. Knitters and crocheters love yarn, and they love it even more if it’s free. Gifting a crafter with their beloved supplies is a wonderful way to encourage the hobby, and maybe they’ll reciprocate by making something!
    But how do you know what to get? 

    • Be subtle. Ask what he or she is working on: not just the project but about the materials and the colors and so on. Expect the crafter to start gushing. Take notes.
    • Stalk. Most online crafting stores allow users to create wishlists or to list what they already have in their stashes. Alternately, look for boxes or packaging–I use ball bands from my favorite yarn instead of bookmarks.
    • Ask.
  3. Start coordinating service projects.
    For example, Sub-for-Santa projects are rewarding, but they’re also a lot of work. If you let people know ahead of time, they should be able to budget in some gifts and help you out.

Your turn. What do you think is Christmas-related and appropriate before Thanksgiving?


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